Wednesday, July 6, 2016

LA - Santa Monica

LA - June 25th, 2016

As I’m getting my hair done, I get a text from my boyfriend#2 asking if I wanted to go to LA for a day. I’m sitting there full of excitement because it was either LA, SanFran, or NYC. I would’ve went to all three places in one weekend if I could’ve, lol. But I decided to go to LA cause I’ve always wanted to go there! Going to LA for one day was probably the most spontaneous thing I have ever done and I enjoyed every single moment of it. Didn’t do much except eat, walk around the strip, and lay on the beach. Oh, how I’ve missed the beach! Just sun soakin’, digging my feet into the sand, listening to the sound of the waves, looking out the view of the ocean, what could be better? And, there was even a wedding at Santa Monica beach! It was soooo cute. My dream wedding is to be at the beach and it’s gonna come true one day! <3 It was such a genuinely great feeling to just get on a plane and leave somewhere for a day. Definitely makes me want to live my life more adventurously and spontaneously. I’m always down for an adventure! This is how I should be living my life. Knowing myself more. Discovering myself. Creating myself. Living the good life. 

And a huge thank you to my boyfriend#2 for making all this possible. <3 We don’t talk as much anymore, but just know that I still do appreciate you, always.




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