Monday, April 18, 2016

High Adventure.

I’m a sucker for adventures. Any type of adventures. It doesn’t always have to be overwhelming exciting for it to be 'an adventure' for me. I enjoy the simple things and the little things. It doesn’t take a lot to make me happy. I think the way how I was brought up and how I grew up has a lot to with the fact that I appreciate every...little...thing I have. Sure, I take things for granted sometimes, but I learn.
I think the most soothing and peaceful adventures are the ones where I’m up high and I get to see a view. A view so beautiful and breathtaking that nothing else matters. In that very moment, there’s only me and the sight from afar. All I focus on is how lovely the view is from up there. I find that there’s a weird, but pleasant, satisfaction of seeing the world up higher.

Breathing in the cold air from up above and seeing an outlook of the city is almost...therapeutic. Actually, it is very much therapeutic. A healing for my inner soul. All my problems and worries go away for a little bit. It eases my thoughts. I can feel the cold air brushed against my face & body. Cold, but calm and relaxed.
Something about spectacular views that makes me have the most positive mind-set. Sounds cliché, but everything is really going to be okay. Trust your struggles. Life is simple, we humans just tend to complicate the process. 

Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA


[Outfit: dress & scarf - forever21; coat- cottonon; shoes: nike]

Photo Credits: Serenity K. Vang

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