Monday, July 27, 2015


Paradise: A place of extreme beauty and happiness.

A friendly hello and thank you to everyone who took their time to stop by my blog and read this. :) I’m not really good with introductions, but here goes nothing. Last name Vue, first name Birdy. (Okay Drake.) Comment below if you know what I did there :p Anyways, born in the west coast, raised in the east coast, and now residing in the midwest. 2 decades of living and here I am with my very own blog. BIRDYSPARADISE will consist of fashion, beauty, food, family, friends, strangers, adventures, and basically my lifestyle. Simplicity at its best~
Everything you see on this blog is my happiness, my paradise.
Being the young adult I am, I am a broke college student who works a part-time job trying to pursue my dreams. I am a fashion enthusiast and the awesome thing about fashion is, you don’t have to buy super expensive clothes to look fashionable!  Sure, expensive brands are nice to own and wear, but I cannot afford that lifestyle. At least not at 20, lol. I like to live within my means. The photos below is a clear presentation of some of the stores I like to shop at. Nothing too lavish, but perfect for my everyday wardrobe.

And a shout-out to my sister, Houa Vue, for creating my banner. And thank you to everyone who helped me made this blog possible. Ya know who ya are. :)

dress: Brandy Melville | necklaces: forever21 | heels: A'gaci

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